Wrinkle Reducing Injections

1 Facial area (20-30 units) £210
2 Facial areas (30-40 units) £275
3 Facial areas (40-50 units) £330
Additional Areas £60
Crows feet only* £135
Treatment for Hyperhidrosis £440 for both underarms

*With continued treatments, many patients find that the wrinkle reducing effects  last longer in the forehead than the crow’s feet, so will often request a top up for the crow’s feet area before the other areas. The price for crow’s feet only is therefore reduced.

Soft Thread & 8 Point Face Lift

Silhouette Soft Thread Lift from £600
The 8-Point Face Lift from £350

Juvederm & juvederm Vycross

please see Dermal Filler information page

Specialist Filler Treatment

Tear troughs £350  
Sculptra per vial £300  

Prices include all anaesthesia

Genuine Dermaroller

Genuine Dermaroller £250 Single Treatment
Genuine Dermaroller Course £600 Three Treatments
Post Treatment Cool Gel Mask £25  


Revitalash (3.5ml) £99
Revitalash (2.0ml) £69