Dermal fillers are used to fill out or plump up lines on the face such as those between the nose and the corner of the mouth, the marionette lines from the corners of the mouth to the chin, increasing mid face volume and can also be used to reduce the appearance of crows feet & forehead lines in those that prefer not to have BOTOX® treatment. It is also very successful in restoring volume to the lips giving a much more natural look than the older treatments of collagen.

Our preferred choice of dermal filler is Juvederm Ultra. It is easier to inject, much more malleable, gives a softer feel with little or no visible lumpiness, and any treatment can be reversed using Hyalase. Dermal fillers are also used to treat crepiness & fine lines on the cheeks.


Juvederm Ultra 3 (1.0ml) £300  £200 per additional 1.0ml
Juvederm Hydrate £200
Juvederm Ultra Smile (0.5ml) £250
Sculptra per vial £300

Prices include all anaesthesia


Dermal fillers are metabolised by the body so the effects are not permanent and whilst this means that repeat treatments are necessary to maintain the appearance, it does remove the risk of permanent unwanted effects such as the infamous “trout pout”, when used to give volume to the lips. Repeat treatments may be necessary every 9 – 12 months.

Commonly treated areas include lines around the lips, both above and below the mouth, lines between the nose and mouth and also frown and laughter lines that have not completely softened with BOTOX®.


At Bath Facial Aesthetics we a range of dermal fillers from Juvederm. Please check on the links to find out more about these safe and widely used products.

The cost of treatment depends on the amount and type of filler that needs to be used which, in turn, is dependent on the area treated and the depth of the lines. The price list is a useful guide, however Dr Hamling will advise you, during your initial consultation and prior to embarking on treatment, of the most appropriate treatment for you and the cost for this.

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